Hans von Marées (24 December 1837 – 5 June 1887)

Hans von Marees, Double Portrait Marees and Lenbach 1863.

Johann Reinhard von Marées (Hans von Marées) was a German
painter who initially painted portraits and later switched to
mythological subjects. Marees is a representative of German
Symbolism along with Arnold Bocklin and Anselm Feuerbach.
These three artists later became known as Deutschrömer (German
Romans) because of their preference for Italian art over
German art. The main theme of Hans von Marées work is man
living inharmony with nature.

Hans von Marees, Rast der Diana 1863.

Hans von Marees, Dragoons Making a Halt 1861.

Hans von Marees, Self-Portrait with Yellow Hat 1874.

Hans von Marees, The Abduction of Ganymede 1887.

Hans von Marees, Dragonslayer 1880.

Hans von Marees, Courtyard with
the Grotto in the Munich Royal
Residence 1862-1863.

Hans von Marees, The Three
Horsemen II: St. Hubertus 1885.

Hans von Marees, Saint George 1880-1882.

Hans von Marees, Villa Borghese (Group of Figures in the Roman
Park I) 1870-1871.

Hans von Marees, Soldatenlager (Soldier Camp) c. 1862.

Hans von Marees, Stop at the Watering Trough.

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