Bertalan Székely (8 May 1835 – 21 August 1910)

Bertalan Székely, The Discovery of the Corpse 
of King Louis II 1860.

Bertalan Székely, Women of Eger 1867.

Bertalan Székely, Study for the Baptism of Vajk 1871.

Bertalan Székely, The Battle of Mohacs 1866.

Battle of Mohacs - a battle that took place on August 29, 1526 at Mohacs, 
Hungary, in which the Ottoman Empire inflicted a crushing defeat 
on the combined Hungarian-Czech-Croat army.

Bertalan Székely, Red-Haired Woman 1880.

Bertalan Székely, Mihaly Dobozi and His Wife 1861.

Bertalan Székely, Thunderstorm (Sketch) 1875.

Bertalan Székely, Portrait of Queen 
Elisabeth 1869.

Elisabeth (born Duchess Elisabeth in Bavaria; 
24 December 1837 – 10 September 1898) was 
Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary 
by marriage to Emperor Franz Joseph I. She 
was born into the royal Bavarian House 
of Wittelsbach.

Bertalan Székely, King Laszlo V and Regent Ulrik Czillei 1870.

Bertalan Székely, Contract Sealed with Blood 1896-1897.

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