Arnold Böcklin (16 October 1827 – 16 January 1901)

Arnold Böcklin, Self-Portrait 1873.

Arnold Böcklin, Plague 1898.

Plague exemplifies the artist's obsession with 
nightmares of war, pestilence and death. The painting 
shows Death riding on a bat-like winged creature, who 
travels through the street of a medieval European town.

Arnold Böcklin, Roman Landscape 1852.

Arnold Böcklin, Odysseus and Polyphemus 1896.

Arnold Böcklin, March of the Goths 1881.

Arnold Böcklin, The War 1896.

War (German: Der Krieg) is the title of two oil paintings 
on the same theme completed in quick succession in 
1896 by the Swiss Symbolist painter Arnold Böcklin. 
The first version is in the collection of the Galerie Neue 
Meister, Dresden and the second, defined as 
unfinished, in the Kunsthaus Zürich in Switzerland.

Arnold Böcklin, The Chapel 1898.

Arnold Böcklin, Battle on the Bridge 1889.

Arnold Böcklin, Ulysses and Calypso 1882.

Arnold Böcklin, Under the Arbor 1891.

Arnold Böcklin, Astolf Riding Away with the Head of Orill 1873.

Arnold Böcklin, The Homecoming 1887.

Arnold Böcklin, Honeymoon 1878.

Arnold Böcklin, Island of the Dead (Third Version) 1883.

Böcklin painted five versions of the paintings between 1880 and 1886. 
The sixth version was painted in 1901.

The third version of the painting was painted by Böcklin in 1883 for his sales 
agent and collector Fritz Gurlitt. In it the initials "A. B." on one of the funeral 
niches in the rock on the right. In 1933, the painting was put up for sale. 
It was purchased by Adolf Hitler. The Führer considered Böcklin "his artist" 
for its "true Teutonic spirit". At first the painting was in his personal 
residence in Berghof, and after 1940 it decorated the cabinet of the 
Reich Chancellery in Berlin. In addition to it, Hitler had ten other works 
by Böcklin in his collection.

Arnold Böcklin, Villa by the Sea 1871-1874.

Arnold Böcklin, Attack by Pirates 1886.

Arnold Böcklin, Centaurus and Nymph 1855.

Arnold Böcklin, Moonlit Landscape 1849.

Arnold Böcklin, Self-Portrait with Fiddling Death 1872.

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