Grant Wood (13 February 1891 – 12 February 1942)

Grant Wood, The American Golfer 1940.

Grant DeVolson Wood was an American painter and
representative of Regionalism, best known for his paintings
depicting the rural American Midwest. He is particularly well
known for American Gothic (1930), which has become an
iconic example of early 20th-century American art.

Grant Wood, Stone City, Iowa.

Grant Wood, Spring in Town 1941.

Grant Wood, American Gothic 1930.

Grant Wood, The Birthplace of Herbert Hoover, West Branch, Iowa 1931.

Grant Wood, Midnight Ride of Paul Revere 1931.

Grant Wood, Spring Turning 1936.

Grant Wood, Appraisal 1932.

Grant Wood, Arnold Comes of Age 1930.

Grant Wood, Parson Weems Fable 1939.

Grant Wood, Fall Plowing 1931.

Grant Wood, Death on the Ridge Road 1935.

Grant Wood, Sentimental Ballad 1940.

Grant Wood, Woman with Plants 1929.

Grant Wood, Portrait of Nan 1931.

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