Hugues Merle (28 April 1822 – 1881)

Hugues Merle, Mary Magdalene in the Cave 1868.

Hugues Merle was a French painter who mostly
depicted sentimental or moral subjects. His son Georges Merle
was also a painter.

Hugues Merle, Affection.

Hugues Merle, Pensez A Dieu (Think about God) 1876.

Hugues Merle, The Scarlet Letter 1861.

Hugues Merle, Italian Girl 1863.

Hugues Merle, Marguerite 1878.

Hugues Merle, Hamlet And Ophelia 1873.

Hugues Merle, Saint Elizabeth Of Hungary 1879.

Hugues Merle, Young Girl In A Veil 1880.

Hugues Merle, The Lunatic 1871.

Georges Merle, L’Envouteuse (The Sorceress) 1883.

This painting was painted by Merle's son Georges. Because
Georges rarely signed his early works,some of his early works,
including this one, were at first erroneously attributed to his father.

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