Leon Cogniet (29 August 1794 – 20 November 1880)

Leon Cogniet, Massacre of the Innocents 1824.

Leon Cogniet was a French history and portrait painter. He is 
probably best remembered as a teacher, with more than one 
hundred notable students.

Leon Cogniet, Jael Killing Sisera.

Leon Cogniet, A Woman from the Land of Eskimos 1826.

Leon Cogniet, The Polish Officer: Praga 1831.

Leon Cogniet, Scene of July 1830.

Leon Cogniet, Battle of Mount Tabor 1837-1838.

Leon Cogniet, Rebecca and Sir Brian de Bois-Guilbert.

Leon Cogniet, Tintoretto Painting His Dead Daughter.

Leon Cogniet, Sketch for the Church of St. Magdalena: St. 
Magdalena at the Burial Site 1842.

Leon Cogniet, Flemish Farrier.

Leon Cogniet, The Italian Brigand's Wife c. 1825-1826.

Leon Cogniet, Maria Brignole-
Sale, Duchess of Galliera, with Her Son Filippo 1856.

Leon Cogniet, The Artist in His 
Room at the Villa Medici, Rome 1817.

Leon Cogniet, Antoine Philippe de 
La Tremoille, Prince of Talmont 1826.

Leon Cogniet, Portrait of Madame Clicquot and Her 
Great-Granddaughter 1860-1862.

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