Antoine Caron (1521 – 1599)

Antoine Caron, The Massacre of the Triumvirate c. 1560-1570.

Antoine Caron was a French painter, book illustrator and 
master glassmaker. He belonged to a group of masters called the 
School of Fontainbleau, which included sculptors, jewelers,
architects and painters. Not many of his works have survived; they 
are in the Louvre, the Fontainebleau Museum, several
museums in Munich and private collections.

Antoine Caron, The Triumph of Mar c. 1570.

Antoine Caron, The Massacre of the Triumvirate 1566.

Antoine Caron, Augustus and the Sibyl 1575-1580.

Antoine Caron, Merry-Go-Round with Elephant 1590.

Antoine Caron, The Triumph of Death.

Antoine Caron, Allegory of War.

Antoine Caron, Dionysius the
Areopagite Converting the Pagan Philosophers 1570.

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