Henry Fuseli (7 February 1741 – 16 April 1825)

Henry Fuseli, Satan and Death with Sin Intervening 1799-1800.

Henry Fuseli (Johann Heinrich Fussli) was a Swiss painter and 
historian who spent most of his life in Britain. Most of his works 
focus on dark fantastical subjects, supernatural beings and 
grotesque depictions of states of fear and madness.
His style influenced many young artists, including William Blake.

Henry Fuseli, The Nightmare 1781.

Henry Fuseli, The Queen of Fate Appears to Prince Arthur 1769.

Henry Fuseli, The Three Witches Appearing to Macbeth and Banquo.

Henry Fuseli, Oedipus Cursing His Son, Polynices 1786.

Henry Fuseli, He (Chaos) Ceas'd; and Satan Staid Not to Reply.

Henry Fuseli, The Sleepwalking Lady Macbeth 1741.

Henry Fuseli, The Meetings of Sir Huon
 of Bordeaux and Scherasmin in the 
Libanon Cave, from Wieland's Oberon 1804.

Henry Fuseli, Tiresias Appears to Ulysses During the 
Sacrifice 1780-1785.

Henry Fuseli, The Enchanted Island Before the Cell of Prospero 1797.

Henry Fuseli, The Shepherd's Dream 1786.

Henry Fuseli, Danae and Perseus on Seriphos 1785-1790.

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