Mihaly Zichy (15 October 1827 – 28 February 1906)

Mihaly Zichy, The Triumph of the Genius of Destruction 1878.

Mihaly Zichy was a Hungarian painter and graphic artist. In addition to 
paintings, he made illustrations for books. The poems and ballads 
illustrated by Zichy included such authors as Mikhail Lermontov, Shota 
Rustaveli, Mor Jokai, Janos Arany and others.
Zichy worked for many years in Russia and died in St. Petersburg on 
February 28, 1906.

Mihaly Zichy, Empress Elisabeth of Austria with Ferenc 
Deak 1877.

Mihaly Zichy, Tamara and Demon.

Mihaly Zichy, Autodafe (Horrors of the 
Spanish Inquisition) 1868.

Mihaly Zichy, Lifeboat 1847.

Mihaly Zichy, Illustrations to Janos Arany's Ballads 1898.

Mihaly Zichy, The Garden Arbor 1880.

Mihaly Zichy, Illustrations to "the Knight in the 
Panther's Skin" 1888.

Mihaly Zichy, Ante-Room in the Imperial Palace 
at Tsarskoye Selo 1865.

Mihaly Zichy, Powerless Anger of Man.

Mihaly Zichy, Call for a Corpse (Illustrations to Janos Arany's Ballads) 

Mihaly Zichy, Tamara in the Coffin (Illustration to the 
Poem The Demon by Mikhail Lermontov).

Mihaly Zichy, An Allegory of the Failure of the War 
of Independence.

Mihaly Zichy, The Knight in the Panther's Skin 1888.

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