Jacob van Meurs (1619/1620 — 1680)

Jacob van Meurs, Tiger 1665.

Jacob van Meurs (1619/1620 - c. 1680) was a Dutch engraver and publisher from Amsterdam. Active from 1651 to 1680, he specialized in works of 
geography, travelogues, and history.

Jacob van Meurs, Plants in China 1665.

Jacob van Meurs, Pagoda by Sinkicien 1665.

Jacob van Meurs, Three Sailing Ships in a Storm with Lightning 1665.

Jacob van Meurs, From the Book "the New and Unknown World" 1671.

Jacob van Meurs, Illustration in the 1665 edition of Johan Nieuhof's "An 
Embassy from the East-India Company".

Jacob van Meurs, Gregorius a Sancto 
Vincentio, Problema Austriacum Plvs 
Vltra Qvadratvra Circvli, Antwerpen 1647.

Jacob van Meurs, Title Plate from 
Montanus - Memorabilia 1663.

Jacob van Meurs, History, Father Time 
and Fame, Title Page for Franciscus 
Heerman, Guldene Annotations 1642.

Jacob van Meurs, Title Page with Allegory, 
Including a Lion 1675.

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