Knud Bergslien (15 May 1827 – 27 November 1908)

Knud Bergslien, Wounded Hunter 1861.

Knud Bergslien was a Norwegian painter and art teacher. At the age 
of 18 he enlisted in the army as a soldier because he needed the means 
to teach drawing.

Knud Bergslien, Skiing Birchlegs Crossing the Mountain with the Royal 
Child 1869.

The painting depicts the Birkebeiners, one of the opposing sides of the 
twelfth and thirteenth century civil wars in Norway, carrying the 
illegitimate son of King Haakon III Sverresson to safety in the winter of 1206. 
The boy later became King Haakon IV, whose reign marked the end of the 
period known as the era of civil war in Norway.

Knud Bergslien, Painting (Still Life) 1846.

Knud Bergslien, Reindeer Hunt 1868.


Lithography is a type of printmaking based on the technique of flat 
printing, in which the printing ink is transferred under pressure from 
a flat printing plate to paper.

Knud Bergslien, St. Johns Evening 1858.

Knud Bergslien, A Funeral Procession 1858.

Knud Bergslien, The Interior of a Herringbooth at Bergen 1858.

Knud Bergslien, A Nuptial Ceremony.

Knud Bergslien, An Evening at the Hut of the Cow-Herdesses 1858.

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