Gerard Dou (7 April 1613 – 9 February 1675)

Gerard Dou, A Still Life Piece with Armour 1675.

Gerard Dou (also known as Gerrit Dou) was a Dutch painter who 
belonged to the circle of artists who painted small, elaborate paintings.
He studied with Rembrandt from 1628 to 1631.

Gerard Dou, Dog at Rest 1650.

Gerard Dou, A Scholar Sharpening His Quill 1633.

Gerard Dou, A Young Woman at Her Toilet 1667.

Gerard Dou, Self-Portrait c. 1665.

Gerard Dou, The Hermit 1670.

Gerard Dou, Cat on a Ledge 1657.

Gerard Dou & Nicolaes Pieterszoon Berchem, Portrait 
of a Couple in a Landscape c. 1635.

Figures drawn by Dou, landscape and dog by Berchem.

Gerard Dou, Still Life with Candle and Watch c. 1660.

Gerard Dou, Woman Eating Porridge c. 1632-1637.

Gerard Dou, The Quack 1652.

Gerard Dou, The Wine Cellar (An Allegory of Winter) 1660.

Gerard Dou, The Young Mother 1658.

Gerard Dou, Astronomer by Candlelight 1665.

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