Edward Hopper (22 July 1882 – 15 May 1967)

Edward Hopper, Nighthawks 1942.

Edward Hopper was an American painter and printmaker who for a long time 
could not succeed with critics and the public. After much experimentation, 
the main theme of his art, which brought him success, was the image of 
everyday life, the loneliness of man in the world and society.
His most famous painting is Nighthawks, which he began working on 
immediately after the attack on Pearl Harbor, when a feeling of gloom and 
depression spread throughout the United States.

Edward Hopper, Second Story Sunlight 1960.

Edward Hopper, Early Sunday Morning 1930.

Edward Hopper, High Noon 1949.

Edward Hopper, Manhattan Bridge Loop 1928.

Edward Hopper, New York Movie 1939.

Edward Hopper, Ground Swell 1939.

Edward Hopper, Gas 1940.

Edward Hopper, Chop Suey 1929.

Edward Hopper, Hotel by a Railroad 1952.

Edward Hopper, Room in New York 1932.

Edward Hopper, Hotel Window 1955.

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