Howard Pyle (5 March 1853 – 9 November 1911)

Howard Pyle, The Battle of Nashville 1906.
Howard Pyle was an American painter, illustrator, writer, and 
teacher of book graphics. Pyle wrote several books, mostly fairy 
tales, and created murals for public buildings, such as The 
Battle of Nashville for St. Paul's Church in Minnesota.
Pyle created the familiar image of a pirate with a bandana on his 
head and an earring in his ear, which is still used in popular culture today.

Howard Pyle, The Battle of Bunker Hill 1897.

Howard Pyle, Marooned 1909.

Howard Pyle, An Attack on a Galleon 1905.

Howard Pyle, The Mermaid 1909.

Howard Pyle, The Coming of Lancaster, 1908.

Howard Pyle, Lincoln's Last Day 1907.

Howard Pyle, The Buccaneer Was 
a Picturesque Fellow 1905.

Howard Pyle, Roman Gladiators 1911.

Howard Pyle, My Hatred of Him Seemed Suddenly to Have Taken 
to Itself Wings (A Wounded Enemy) 1853.

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