Thomas Moran (12 February 1837 – 25 August 1926)

Thomas Moran, Yellowstone Lake 1875.

Thomas Moran was a British-born American painter, the younger 
brother of the famous marine painter Edward Moran. He was a 
representative of the Hudson River School and painted a great 
number of Wild West landscapes during his career.

Thomas Moran, Dismal Swamp, Virginia 1862.

Thomas Moran, Cliffs of the Upper Colorado River, Wyoming Territory 1882.

Thomas Moran, Reception of Dominique de Gourgues by the Indians 1877.

Thomas Moran, Hot Springs of Gardiner’s River, Yellowstone c. 1875.

Thomas Moran, Fort George Island 1880.

Thomas Moran, Mist in Kanab Canyon, Utah 1892.

Thomas Moran, Mountain Lion in Grand Canyon (Lair of the 
Mountain Lion) 1914.

Thomas Moran, Fort George Island, Florida 1878.

Thomas Moran, A Mexican Hacienda, Lake Cuitzeo 1885.

Thomas Moran, Winter in the Rockies 1867.

Thomas Moran, The Grand Canal, Venice 1903.

Thomas Moran, Mountain of the 
Holy Cross 1890.

Thomas Moran, Cliffs of the 
Upper Colorado River, Wyoming 
Territory 1881.

Thomas Moran, On the Lookout. 
- A Ute. Camp, Utah 1881.

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