Emily Carr (13 December 1871 – 2 March 1945)

Emily Carr, First Nations War Canoes in Alert Bay 1912.

Emily Carr was a Canadian painter and writer. She painted pictures 
based on Canadian Indian culture, then switched to landscapes and 
nature views of her native country for which she received wider recognition.
One of the main art schools in Vancouver is named after her.

Emily Carr, Above the Gravel Pit 1937.

Emily Carr, Abstract Tree Forms 1931-1932.

Emily Carr, Skedans 1912.

Emily Carr, Indian War Canoe 1912.

Emily Carr, Odds and Ends 1939.

Emily Carr, The Indian Church 1929.

Emily Carr, Cedar 1942.

Emily Carr, Blunden Harbour c. 1930.

Emily Carr, Forest Interior 1932.

Emily Carr, Forest, British Columbia 1931-1932.

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