Edwin Austin Abbey (1 April 1852 – 1 August 1911)

Edwin Austin Abbey, Who Is Sylvia? What Is She That All the 
Swains Commend Her? 1896-1899.

Edwin Austin Abbey was an American painter and illustrator 
who painted historical paintings, murals, and book illustrations.
From 1878 he lived in Great Britain, where he was knighted.

Edwin Austin Abbey, The Three Marys c. 1906-1911.

Edwin Austin Abbey, Malvolio in 
the Dungeon - Act III, Scene IV,
Twelfth Night 1891.

Edwin Austin Abbey, Goneril and 
Regan, King Lear, Act I, Scene I 1902.

Edwin Austin Abbey, The Play Scene in Hamlet, Act III, Scene II 1897.

Edwin Austin Abbey, Columbus in the New World 1906.

Edwin Austin Abbey, Richard, Duke of Gloucester, and the 
Lady Anne 1896.

Edwin Austin Abbey, "Come Hither, Gracious Sovereign, 
View This Body" King Henry VI, Part II, Act III, Scene II 

Edwin Austin Abbey, Crusaders 
Sighting Jerusalem 1901.

Edwin Austin Abbey, The Squire
of Low Degree c. 1897.

Edwin Austin Abbey, Hamlet: “Why Look You There! 
Look How It Steals Away - Out at the Portal!” Act III, 
Scene IV, Hamlet 1902.

Edwin Austin Abbey, Iago, from Othello 1902.

Edwin Austin Abbey, Study for 
Amfortas Released by Galahad, in
the Quest and Achievement of the
Holy Grail c. 1893-1901.

Edwin Austin Abbey, Study for the 
Apotheosis of Pennsylvania, House of Representatives 
Chamber, Pennsylvania State Capitol, Harrisburg c. 1902-1911.

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  1. I was going to ask "is he really American?" and then i saw in the description that he lived in Britain. Its more of a British style.