Josef Brandt (11 February 1841 – 12 June 1915)

Josef Brandt, Zaporizhian Camp c. 1880.

Josef von Brandt was a Polish realist painter, a representative of
the Munich School. His paintings focus mainly on military life in the 
17th century.

Josef Brandt, Fight for a Turkish Standard 1905.

Josef Brandt, Departure from Wilanow Jan III and Marysienka Sobieski 1897.

Josef Brandt, Dangerous Crossing 1909.

Josef Brandt, Battle of Khotyn 1867.

Josef Brandt, On Reconnais 1876.

Josef Brandt, Marysienka Leaves Wilanow (Departure from Wilanow) 1897.

The painting depicts Maria Kazimiera d'Arquien, wife of the
King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania Jan Sobieski. She is
better known by her diminutive Polish name Marysienka.

Josef Brandt, Escape c. 1890.

Josef Brandt, A Chat with Young Washerwomen 1882.

Josef Brandt, The Guide c. 1910.

Josef Brandt, Cossacks Fighting Tatars from the Crimean Khanate 1890.

Josef Brandt, Cossack and a Girl at the Well 1875.

Josef Brandt, Zaporizhians.

Josef Brandt, Horses Bolted 1885.

Josef Brandt, Song of the Cossack Victors.

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