Diego Velázquez (6 June 1599 – 6 August 1660)

Diego Velázquez, An Old Woman Cooking Eggs 1618.

Diego Velázquez was a Spanish artist. A leading painter at the court of 
King Philip IV of Spain and Portugal. He is considered one of the main 
representatives of Spanish painting.

Diego Velázquez, Immaculate Conception 1618.

Diego Velázquez, Saint Anthony the 
Great and Saint Paul the Anchorite 1634.

Diego Velázquez, Portrait of Philip IV in Armour 1626-1628.

Diego Velázquez, Portrait of Sebastián de Morra 1644.

The painting depicts the court jester under King Phillip IV 
of Spain.

Diego Velázquez, Thomas the Apostle 1619-1620.

Diego Velázquez, The Coronation of the Virgin Mary 

Diego Velázquez, Juan Francisco 
Pimentel, 7th Duke of Benavente 1648.

Diego Velázquez, Gaspar de Guzmán, Count-Duke 
of Olivares 1636.

Spanish statesman (minister), favorite of King Philip IV. Actively 
intervened in Spain's foreign affairs and tried unsuccessfully to 
carry out domestic reforms. His policy, aimed at obliging Spain 
to return Holland, led to the renewal of the Eighty Years' War. 
Over the years his activities became more authoritarian, so 
the news of Olivares death was greeted with joy by both 
courtiers and the king's ordinary subjects.

Diego Velázquez, Portrait of the Jester 
Don Diego de Acedo 1644.

Diego Velázquez, The Nun Jeronima 1620.

Diego Velázquez, Equestrian Portrait of 
Elisabeth of France 1635.

Diego Velázquez, La Fuente de los Tritones 1657.

The work depicts the Fountain of Tritons (La Fuente 
de los Tritones), which is located in the gardens of the Campo del Moro 
of Madrid's Royal Palace, and was formerly located in the gardens of the 
Royal Palace of Aranjuez.

Diego Velázquez, The Farmers Lunch 1618-1619.

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