Paul Delaroche (17 July 1797 – 4 November 1856)

Paul Delaroche, The Execution of Lady Jane Grey 1833.

This painting show the execution of Jane Grey, who was proclaimed Queen 
of England on July 10, 1553, but was deposed nine days later and executed 
in 1554. Jane is sometimes called the "Queen of Nine Days" because of the 
brevity of her reign. 
The execution was carried out by order of Mary Tudor. At the time of her 
execution, Jane was only 17 years old.

Paul Delaroche, Central Portion of "L'Hémicycle des Beaux-arts" 1841-1842.

Paul Delaroche, Marquis de Pastoret 1829.

Paul Delaroche, Napoleon Crossing the Alps 1850.

Paul Delaroche, The Young Martyr (A Christian Martyr Drowned 
in the Tiber During the Reign of Diocletian) 1855.

Paul Delaroche, Joan of Arc is Interrogated by The Cardinal 
of Winchester in Her Prison 1824.

Paul Delaroche, The Field of Battle before 1856.

Paul Delaroche, The Death of Elizabeth I, Queen of England 1828.

Paul Delaroche, The Winners of the Bastille in Front of the City Hall 1835.

Paul Delaroche, Resting on the Banks of the Tiber between 1834-1843.

Paul Delaroche, Assassination of the Duke of Guise 1834.

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