Josef Carl Berthold Püttner (26 July 182 — 29 July 1881)

Josef Püttner, Sinking of Emigrant Ship Austria 1858.

SS Austria was a steamship of the Hamburg America Line which sank 
on 13 September 1858, in one of the worst transatlantic maritime disasters 
of the nineteenth century, claiming the lives of 449 passengers and crew.

Josef Püttner, Sailing Ship in Stormy Seas 1846.

Josef Püttner, Moonlit Night Over Venice 1870.

Josef Püttner, Venice - Hustle and Bustle 1859.

Josef Püttner, The Bay of Valparaiso in Chile 1859.

Josef Püttner, Markusplatz 1859.

Josef Püttner, Hunting Party with Pack in the Castle Park 1857.

Josef Püttner, Steamship in Distress at Sea by a Rocky Coast 1858.

Josef Püttner, Night Ride in the Lagoon 1857.

Josef Püttner, The Naval Battle of Lissa 1866.

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